A Quick Guide To Roof Restoration



A Quick Guide To roof Restoration


Some home owners try to repair their roof themselves but when it comes to a full roof replacement you are better off getting the experts in. The roof to your home has a very long self-life and should last you, if right materials and installation techniques are used for many many years. However there will be a time that you will eventually need to fully replace your roof. Just like your car it will need minor repairs for some time but eventually you will need to purchase a new car. And same with your roof you will need to get a full roof restoration.

You need to choose wisely when it comes to your selecting your roofing company, there are a few key things you need to ask yourself.

In some instances a simple restorative roof coating can be used, which can be relatively cheap and less time consuming way to restore your roof. Unfortunately, some roofs cannot be fixed with restoration coatings.

There are several key factors you need to figure out to ensure you find the best approach to your roof restoration including….

1. Find out what type of roof you have.

An important initial step in roof restoration is finding out what type of roof you have. There are many different types of roofing materials. Figuring out which one you have is fairly simple. If you have already worked on your roof previously, you most likely already know.

2. Know the precise age, size and slope of the roof

You will need to know the precise age, size, and slope of the roof, as well as what building the roof is protecting and what it is being used for.

3. What are the specific roofing problems?

If you haven’t already, find and locate the specific roofing problems that you are trying to fix.

Some common roofing problems that require a roof restoration include structural damage, leaks, and/or corrosion or rust.

4. Know the history of your roof.

Knowing about any past work done on the roof is also important, like whether or not the roof has been coated before.

Having all the information above will help you to be better prepared to deal with a roofing company when you decide to go down that path.

You also need to consider Your Environment!

The environment can also play a factor when it comes to your roof. If you live in an area where you experience harsh weather conditions you will probably need to replace your roof sooner than an environment that has less severe weather conditions.

So it is important to take your location and yearly weather conditions into account.

If you are located near salt water, the air can cause corrosion and rust that will damage the structural integrity of the roof.

If the roof you are restoring is located on a structure near the coastline, it wouldn’t hurt to have a structural engineer come and review the roof and make sure it still has the proper integrity.

Deposits left over by industrial chemicals can also be a problem when it comes to your roof. If your home is near an airport, there could be jet fuel dumped onto the roof from planes flying overhead. Other chemicals like pesticides, dirt, and fertilizer can also travel through the air, and must be thoroughly cleaned off before you can apply any restorative coating.

roof restoration comes with a lot of advantages, but it can also become a major headache if you do not take the proper steps to determine that the job goes smoothly. Analysis and preparation are a key part in the process that should not be looked over. Without proper due-diligence ahead of time, restoring the roof can become much more time-consuming and expensive.


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