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Storm Damage and Your Roof – How Much Precision Do You Need to Determine the Real Damage?



Storm Damage and Your roof – How Much Precision Do You Need to Determine the Real Damage?

As homeowners we all desire to keep a roof over our heads for as long as we live in our homes. We depend on our roofs to keep Mother Nature off of us and our walls to keep her out. She can put up a fight at times and we have to protect ourselves by maintaining our homes.

Depending on the geographic region we live in we can be subject to a wide variety of storms. In some countries we have harsh winters, in some other, we are pounded by strong spring winds, hailstorms and tornadoes, and in some other, relentless heat and so on. What kind of damage can we expect when Mother Nature comes calling?

Storms can wreak absolute havoc on a roof. Strong winds, hail or even heavy rains can adversely affect a roofing system when it is not properly maintained. Slate and tile are extremely tough materials and very long-lasting. Hail can damage these surfaces in several ways. When the hail is large, when the slate has deteriorated or has become soft and thin or due to incorrect installation, the roof can become susceptible to hail damage. It does not take a lot of precision to find hail damage on any roof surface, it is pretty evident, usually it looks simply like a hole in the slate itself. Hail can either break or puncture the slate and can dent metal flashings. Where precision comes into play is in the repair of it. Hail can damage a slate roof but in the majority of cases it can be repaired. Repair in this manner replaces the damaged slates with matching slates. You must match the slates as close to the original as possible. This is to maintain the aesthetic value of the roof. Newer slates do not age the same as the older original slates and this can plainly be seen.

In repairing slates from hail damage the adjoining flashings have to be replaced also. Dented flashings can be a hidden source of leaks that can cause interior damage.

For the most part slate is wind resistant. The slate itself is too heavy and because of the angles of a slate roof it is very difficult for high winds to get underneath it and lift it free. But when it does the damage from heavy winds can result in the slate tiles literally being blown off your home. This can happen when the slate is not installed properly, or the wrong sized nails are used. The majority of wind damage on a slate roof is repairable. Very seldom does an entire slate roof have to be replaced. Replacement occurs more often with asphalt shingle roofs.

Some roofers and insurance companies have a tendency to replace an entire slate roof when it has been damaged. This is not required all the time. An experienced roofer can easily match and replace the broken or damaged slate tiles and restore your roof to its original integrity. They can work with the insurance company to repair only what is needed.

Only work with experienced and professional roofers on any roof, especially slate or tile roofs. A roofer needs special training and skills to know what they are doing to repair slate and tile. Repairing slate and tile roofs is an art that requires skill and craftmanship. Choosing the right roofing contractor is of the utmost importance when restoring, repairing or maintaining your slate or tile roof.


Call Professional Roof Repair Services To Handle Your Hail Damaged Roof



Call Professional roof Repair Services To Handle Your Hail Damaged roof


The most neglected part in a house is the roof may be due its invisibility or accessibility until a leakage or repair in the roof starts affecting your building structure. But in reality roof is an important feature in your home as it not only protects you from the natural elements but also offers you a beautiful elevation and exterior look to the home. So timely inspections of roofs especially after the winter and rainy seasons helps you to identify the small repairs for fixing which may otherwise lead to a total roof replacement or major repair that surely puts a burden on your pocket. But in case you cannot access the roof there is no problem as you can always contact profession roof repair services in your location who offer their best services for a durable and long lasting roof to your home.

The roof repairs company also helps in accessing the condition of the roof and damages if any to take pictures and file for roof insurance claims and meet the insurance adjuster on your behalf while inspecting roofs. The roof repair company offers their services to identify any leaks in your roofs by looking for signs of water leakage, dark spots or trials and also outside light shown through the roof. They also use state of the art equipment to visually inspect the roofs in person to check out any missed shingles, cracks or torn and also any rot or molds that form due to improper drainage and blockages that shuts down the water exits.

So on identifying any hail damaged roof they shall immediately start their repair services on approval of the quote submitted by them to you. They shall repair the leaky roof jacks and vents, nail open flashings and exposed nails, replace the missing shingles, clear the gutters removing debris and so on. However, if the hail damaged roof is beyond repair services they shall advice for a roof replacement and re decking so that the overall structure of the house is not affected and damaged in the long run. They are also experts in offering hardie sliding, seamless gutters and fence installation services and you can expect top quality and excellent craftsmanship in handling the repair services from the workmen.

Before assigning your work to the roof repair company you can also go through the testimonials and their previous projects handled to have an understanding of their workmanship and quality to handle your roof repair services.


Getting Your Roof Fixed after a Storm



Getting Your roof Fixed after a Storm


With the unpredictable weather nowadays, you will not be able to expect when your roof will get damaged. However, when it does get damaged by a storm, there are some things you will need to do so that you can get your roof can be fixed sooner and you can maintain a shelter over your family’s head.

The first thing you should do is to contact your insurance provider and inform them of the situation. There is some weather damage that are covered by the insurance policy, and some not, so they will be able to tell you if your situation abides by the policies to receive the payment. If your situation sounds viable, they will send a field agent to inspect on the situation.

While waiting for the field agent, you can get the repair estimates by roofers in your area. Choose those that are acclaimed within the area so that you do not get scammed. You should also tell them that you have not received the insurance quote yet, and that you are only asking for the estimated repair rates. Do not sign any papers with them until you hear from the adjuster.

When your roof has been reported as a loss by the adjuster and the insurance company has allotted you with the amount of money for your new roof, decide on roofing services. When you have decided on one, your roofer and insurance company will work on the rest of the process of billing.

After your roofer have sent their invoice to the insurance company, the insurance company will issue a check in which requires both the roofer and you, whom is the policy holder, to endorse it, or just the policy holder, depending on the company’s rules. If the quote is greater than the amount the insurance company covers, you will have to pay the balance for the roofing services.


What To Do When Your Roof Is Adequately Damaged



What To Do When Your roof Is Adequately Damaged


Worried about your roof, don’t know how to handle Hail Damage? You should be worried if you don’t take precautions in time. It does not imply that you have to involve in some extra overtime and spend lots of money. However, if you wait for your roof to blow away or leak and your chosen roofing company to take care of your issues then you better wake up to reality. But if you haven’t contact any one for service than give it a second thought as it is better to check your roof from time to time than to dwell on the waiting list. As reliable and efficient roofers maintain their booking in advance and don’t entertain them who come at the eleventh hour. Even these companies have hail specialized staff to help them out in their endeavor. Until unless your roof shows sign it is not possible to know that the roof has developed any kind of Hail Damage and the issues that hail storms give birth to not necessary that they come to light right away. There are few occasions when you actually need to check your roof out. When there is heavy precipitation and hail storming in your surrounding area or when there is no rain but hail storming you must check your roof, even when you find a roofer repairing your neighbours roof chances are there that hails have affected your roof as well. then if your house or car shows dents and scratches as the outcome of hail storm be sure that roof faced the same outcome.
Whatever it is you must not panic as urgent situation you could easily feel and weigh but if there is no sign of emergency there is no need for immediate repairing. Even your insurance company will not delay in paying your claim so if you really have to wait for an expert roofing professional it is not at all consumption of time. Rather it is better. It is always profitable to employ an out and out professional than to employ a neophyte who is new in business or still learning. You should better pick the best one in business. However there is a clue in finding the right one. If the roofer does not possess a waiting list right after the hail storm be very careful he might be a big hyperbole in promoting himself but zero when it is about rendering work.
You must keep your eyes open if the neighbouring houses are not damaged then be sure that your house is safe and sound. We can tell you adequately if your roof really in need of repairing or not. We are adequately licensed and we have earned it by showing our dedication to work and our competence in doing justice to the situation. Even on business cards you will be able to find our license number. Do not neglect the damage as slow leaking might not create any problem now but in future it may cause serious issues, it may weaken the roofing material and thus considerably shorten the life span of your shingles or foam. If your roof is having downspouts and gutters, you must examine the base of the discharge for granules that have been drained down. If at any moment you discover minerals lying around on the ground be certain that Hail damage has occurred so far. We are the group of experts resourceful in catering to varied needs. Employ us and lead a tension free life.


Professional Restoration by Storm Damage


Professional Restoration by Storm Damage

There are many damages like breaking of doors and windows and even damages incurred due to fallen tress during storms due to strong winds etc.The very and apt services that are provided by storm damage roof contractors are extremely helpful as the professional restoration work undertaken by them is very prompt and without delay. The restoration work undertaken has no charge levied on the client by storm damage roof contractors as all these charges are after all covered up by the insurance company that the client is registered under.

Storm damage roof contractor helps in restoration work on the entire roof and even damages incurred due to trees that might have fallen down on the roof. The restoration work undertaken is done in order to avoid any further damage as getting insurance claims is quite a time consuming process and to wait for the entire proceeding to be over would mean quite a lot of time being wasted .

Thus, storm damage roof contractor helps in prompt repair work to be undertaken so that their clients do not have to bear the pain caused to see their roof undergoing more and more damage after the initial extensive damage already incurred due to storm.

Storm damage roof professionals are extremely helpful in enabling their clients to assess the exact losses incurred to their roof due to natural disasters and climatics like storms, hails, tornados, or any other damage. Many people find it extremely cumbersome to get all their documents in place and the most difficult thing to do is of course to go about assessing the exact loss during any natural disaster or climate that might prove to be extremely damaging to roof premises.

An expert storm damage roof contractor is very much helpful as the exact loss is assessed with prompt as well as timely action and the well trained experts leave no stone unturned in going about assembling every proof of the exact loss incurred on the property of their client so that the compensation sanctioned is actually equal to the total loss incurred.

Every client is given full priority by the organization and every detail of the claims to be availed is very professionally handled so that there are maximum chances of the claims to be available without much harassment on the part of the client.

They provide all assistance to their clients in a very professional and proficient manner. However, what must be kept in mind is that every claim that is made is based on the periphery of the guidelines setup by the insurance company under which the client is insured and every claim is only put across if it is made available according to the rules that are set up by the insurance company. Nothing is done out of the rules and regulations.


When You Need a New Roof



When You Need a New roof


If you’re finding parts of your roof on the ground or in the nearby trees after every storm, it may be time to have a qualified roofer take a look at your home and see if you need a new roof. Even what looks like slight roof damage on the surface can actually be covering some major structural damage if water has been getting into the unprotected areas of your home through the roof. That’s why it is important to have a roofer actually climb onto your roof and do a through assessment.
Missing shingles or roofing nails, or even loose shingles or nails that are pulled up can all let the elements into your home and over time those elements can do some pretty extensive damage that you may not even be aware of until the damage hits the surface. By the time you see water damage on your floor or in your walls it has already seeped into the structure of your home including insulation and siding and you can be looking at a whole lot of money for repairs.

You can do your own quick assessment of your roof from the ground using a good pair of binoculars and scan for obvious damage. Beware though that this is really just a superficial verification that some obvious damage exists and it shouldn’t replace having a qualified roofer do an inspection.
If you get verification that you have damage you should be prepared to have at least three roofing contractors give you written estimates on what a new or repaired roof will cost. Make sure you only deal with roofing contractors who are licensed and bonded and be sure to check with the states contractor board to verify everything and to look for any complaints against them.

Be prepared for the fact that not all roofing bids are equal. Before you compare bids you need to compare why the bids are going to come in all over the place. If a contractor is using higher end materials that will last longer their bid will likely be higher than the roofing contractor who is getting by on the cheap. Other things that will factor into the bid is disposal. If your roofer doesn’t have the cost to dispose of the old roof in the bid you need to question why not. Replacing a new roof on top of an old roof is not generally recommended unless your new roofing material is a metal roof. A metal roof can go over anything and you can save a tremendous amount on disposal in this instance.

Make sure you do your own research on roofing materials. There are some very high quality green products on the market that weren’t available a few years ago that can help make your home more energy efficient. If you have to replace your roof you might as well do it right and save money in the long run.


Do You Have Hidden Roof Damage?



Do You Have Hidden roof Damage?


Families everywhere depend on their homes to offer comfort and shelter from the elements. While a small roof leak or water stain on the ceiling might seem like an inconvenience at best, homeowners need to be aware that these minor issues could be an indication of much more serious problems, which left unfixed may even lead to the need for roof replacement.

When roof Damage Goes Undetected

While the effects of a severe storm are generally immediate, it’s not uncommon for serious roof damage to go undetected. This is often the case when homeowners don’t see any visible signs of a problem, and fail to get a professional inspection or file a subsequent insurance claim.

Hail damage is a perfect example in areas where residents are no strangers to these devastating storms. Although large hail stones may cause obvious damage, issues that are overlooked may take weeks or even months to become evident. Smaller hail damage can often take years to become a noticeable problem, after which many insurance companies won’t cover the old damage. For homeowners who discover minor leaks long after a storm has passed, these small inconveniences are often a sign of major underlying problems.

As roof damage experts, we encourage residents to contact us following any severe weather event that could possibly compromise a home’s safety. Our free, no-obligation inspection service will uncover problems that could have gone undetected for months to years, and we’ll guide homeowners through the process of restoring their roof to its original condition. If there’s not a problem, we’ll let you know that too!

Minor Leaks Major Problems

Minor roof leaks and stains may be an indication of major water and structural damage that has been overlooked following a hail storm or other severe weather event. Oftentimes it may take a second storm to magnify these problems, and homeowners should take immediate action to have the issue diagnosed.

In the case of severe underlying damage, complete roof replacement might be the best possible solution. While filing an insurance claim may seem like a daunting task, the cost of replacement will almost always be covered by a homeowner’s policy. Not only will a new roof restore the home and help to increase its overall value, but it can also sometimes help to reduce the cost of an existing insurance policy.

We Are roofing Insurance Claims Specialists

As experts in the area of roofing insurance claims, we help guide our customers through the claims process, and our free inspection service ensures that no problems will ever be overlooked. Once a claim has been filed, our roofing experts are available to provide homeowners with the best possible roof replacement.

Your roofing Contractor Is Here To Help

If your roof has suffered damage from a recent storm, or you suspect that there might be issues related to a previous weather event, contact us today and schedule your no-cost, no-obligation roof inspection.

We all rely on our homes for comfort and shelter. Don’t let a minor issue compromise the safety of you and your family. Contact your roofing contractor today for peace of mind.


Roof Hail Damage – 4 Tips for Homeowners



roof Hail Damage – 4 Tips for Homeowners


The storm has come and gone, did your home suffer any roof hail damage? Hail storms are capable of producing hailstones up to 6″ in diameter. These balls of ice fall from the sky with no regard to your roof. The larger a hailstone is, the faster it will fall , potentially causing more damage to your home.

Many factors play into how much damage a hail stone may cause. Size of the hail, wind speed and direction are only a few pieces of the puzzle. The age of your roof’s shingles, the type of shingles and if your shingles are “impact-resistant” can all factor in to the severity of your roof hail damage.

Damage to your roof’s shingles can compromise the effective life of your roof and even if not immediately visible, may lead to large scale problems if not identified in a timely manner. Here are a few tips which will help you properly identify roof hail damage.

Tip #1: Is there any visible damage on the inside of your home? If you see water stains or slow drips on the inside of your home, then you have a problem which requires immediate attention. A new water stain on your ceiling is most definitely a sign that your roof was compromised. If left untreated, the problem will worsen leading to further damage which may require a complete tear-off of your existing roof, not to mention repairs to the interior of your home.

Tip #2 Are there any visible dents (blisters) on your roof’s shingles? Just because you don’t see any damage to the inside of your home does not mean your roof was not damaged. When there is no visible damage to the inside of your home, it may provide a false sense of security. By neglecting exterior damage, you run the risk of damage to your home in the months to come. Even worse is if you don’t file an insurance claim within the time guidelines stipulated in your homeowner’s insurance policy, you may lose benefits that you are entitled to now.

Identifying shingle blisters requires a visible inspection of your roof. Sometimes blisters may be hard to see. It can be helpful to look for small dings on metal or aluminum vents, downspouts or gutters. It is typically easier to identify these marks than blisters on your shingles. If you believe you have visible evidence of damage, it is suggested that you contact your insurance agent immediately to express your concerns and to find out what your policy covers and the procedures necessary to file an insurance claim.

Tip #3 Get your own independent professional opinion. There’s no denying when a hail storm has blown through town. The National Weather Service records all storm data. If there is knowledge of a storm, and you contact your insurance company, they will most likely dispatch an adjuster. That adjuster represents your insurance company. His job is to identify damage, assess the cost to repair or replace your roof and make sure all of the paperwork is in order to process a claim.

It is suggested that you contact a local roofing company that is trained in roof hail damage for an independent opinion prior to your insurance adjustor performing their inspection. Your roofing company is capable of representing your interests. They should be willing to provide you an inspection and estimate to repair any damages free of charge. More importantly, they should be willing to back up their estimate and make themselves available for mutual consultation with the insurance adjuster. If the adjuster and roofer can agree on the remedy for the damage and the cost, this can expedite the process. In most cases your roofer will be awarded the repair job.

Tip #4 Get It In Writing. Most insurance companies will only issue a check directly to the roofer. This protects the insurance company from the homeowner “pocketing” the proceeds and never repairing the damage. By getting your roofing contractor to agree to the type of repairs to be performed and the costs involved, this will insure that your roof gets the required repairs. If your roofer agrees that the insurance check is sufficient to repair your roof hail damage, then they should be willing to do the repairs for that cost, nothing more.

roof replacement or repair due to hail damage can be one of the most expensive repairs for homeowners and insurance companies. Making sure that you properly identify roof hail damage in a timely basis, and following the proper procedures will help protect your family’s most important asset, your home.

In summary home owners who think they may have suffered storm damage should:

– Look for visible water damage inside your home.

– Look for damage to your roof’s shingles that may compromise the effective life of your roof.

– If necessary, contact your insurance agent and file a claim.

– Consult a local roofing contractor trained in roof Hail Damage to represent your interests.


Storm Damage: Now lessened with trusted Contractors!



Storm Damage: Now lessened with trusted Contractors!


Natural as well as man-made disasters can destroy many lives completely at one go. They are mostly not predictable, and depending on the scale on which they happen, they have the power to destroy life and property, sometimes even whole cities together. Disasters like storms happen when there are drastic changes in the atmospheric conditions of the region, which implies to severe deterioration of the weather, and it results in strong winds, hail and heavy rainfall. The areas which are most affected by storms need to have houses and other commercial buildings made with such materials and designed in such a way that they can stand against storms so that the damage can be minimized as much as possible. There are companies which provide with the services and materials which can protect houses and buildings from storms and can repair the houses which have been struck by the disasters. They also specialize in remodeling specific parts of the house according to the customers’ needs and requirements.

roofing is the act of designing the structure and construction of the roofs of houses and other buildings so that they can act as the main withstanding structure, minimizing the damage to the rest of the house, which can be made by the changes in the weather as well as disasters. Thus, people rely on roofing contractors for the instruction and guidance on weather-proofing and water-proofing of the roofs so that nothing can penetrate through the roofs and damage other things.

USA is a country whose major parts come under the danger for most of the natural disasters, especially storms, which may be of different categories, like cyclones and hurricanes. The danger zones include the cities of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York and Ohio. In the recent past, there have been many incidents of dust storms and cyclones and causing a lot of damage of life and property. Therefore, there is a lot of demand for contractors who can provide full restoration and remodeling services to people affected by Storm Damage, according to their needs and requirements, and at costs they can afford. Storm Damage Contractors provide all these services, and do the work as if it is their own home. The reputed roofing Contractors give houses and buildings a completely new look after restoration. Their dedication is to cater to all the requirements and preferences of their customers, so that they can have their house restored from damage and remodeled, and tailor-made suiting all their requirements. They do their best to provide satisfaction to their customers.


How Roof Damage Claims Affect Property owner’s Insurance



How roof Damage Claims Affect Property owner’s Insurance


If you find yourself in the position of having damage to your roof, your very first idea might be to file a claim with your insurance company. Nevertheless, you ought to not do so immediately. Filing a claim might have an impact on your policy, so you ought to be very certain before you continue.

Begin by reviewing your policy to understand what is covered and what your obligation is. Then have the roof examined by an experienced professional. If the estimated repairs aren’t going to cost much more than your deductible, it is most likely best to pay out-of-pocket. There is a limitation to the number of insurance claims that you can make in a given time period without affecting your premiums or even voiding your policy. Multiple claims within the same year are a big red flag to an insurance company.

Even talking to the insurance company could lead to a report to the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, which keeps an “insurance score” for home owners. This score influences your capacity to be accepted for brand-new coverage with the same or different insurance provider. This is an additional reason not to call the insurance company till you ensure you want to make a claim.

If the damage has resulted from wind or hail, this is thought of as an Act of God and shouldn’t affect your insurance coverage rates. Earthquake and flood damage, however, are not typically covered. Other situations which are under your control, such as damage from low-hanging tree branches which could possibly have been trimmed, could affect your policy. Normally, the 1st claim on a policy does not affect the premiums, either.

Claims might be denied if you are not up to date on your premiums or if you have actually failed to maintain the home satisfactorily. Termite damage, mold, and faulty plumbing which has actually been neglected are not covered by most policies.

If you do choose to file a claim, you ought to have your roofing contractor present when the insurance adjuster examines your house. The roofing company can easily assist to ensure that you get the complete settlement to which you are entitled. The insurance company will naturally try to get away with paying as little as possible.

It is important to comprehend your homeowners insurance coverage policy and what is and is not covered, along with what your deductibles are. If you have a roofing disaster, consider thoroughly prior to making a claim. To be safe, have the damages totally examined and obtain an estimate on the repair prior to making any type of contact with your insurance company.